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Performance Opportunity

We are thrilled to be able to provide our students with the opportunity to perform their work in KTAA’s annual (or more) showcases.


This concept has developed from desiring to open up the platform for our students to showcase and perform their work to an audience which in turn will build their confidence, knowledge and experience. This could be anything from monologue work, scene work, physical or vocal work in groups or on their own.









A new play

Marriage! Marriage? Marriage. Fool, an original play uncovers the juicy, secrets of a marriage and the catastrophic turn of events that happen when things go a little pear shaped. A chauvinistic, custard of a husband and a devilish, sour housewife find themselves swimming around in a boiling pot of unwanted and unfortunate realities, bubbling under the surface until their shameful truths unfold. He obviously doesn’t like her cooking, but this wicked woman has much bigger fish to fry and let’s just say that revenge sure is sweet…beastly, dangerous and delicious!

FOOL, written and directed by Raine Waring and performed by Sinead Donnelly and Robyn Ivey, premiered at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Cape Town in August 2018.

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