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We can all agree that we are in a time of anxiety, panic and anticipation. Amidst these feelings, the time is now.

We are asking for donations currently to help those in the community and in vulnerable situations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many  in poverty stricken areas do not have access to basic necessities to prevent the spread of the virus and may sadly struggle obtaining medical assistance. 

Cash donations are preferred at this time due to South Africa lockdown which commences on Thursday 26th March until 16th April. However, if you have items which you'd like to donate please contact us and we can arrange a drop off at some point as we are determined to help as much as we can under LD circumstances and restrictions.


Your donation will be helping the COVID-19 Crisis and received by communities in local areas or by a charity on the below list (We will use our discretion however if you would prefer a specific community/charity for your donation please let us know by sending a follow up email to

Take care of eachother.

#covid-19crisis #unitetogether #donatetoday 

Whats on: #StandUp to GBV among our womxn and children in South Africa

On 14th December 2019, KTAA hosted a performance based evening to raise funds to fight gender based violent crimes among our children and womxn in South Africa. An incredible group of artists came together to perform movement, music, writing, poetry and theatre.


All donations and proceeds were handed over to St Anne's Homes- a womxn and childrens shelter in Cape Town.


The #StandUptoGBV project will be ongoing in the UK, Europe and South Africa in 2020.

#enoughisenough #StandUp #saynotogbv





KTAA has had the privilege of hosting workshops at The Rainbow Academy, School of Performing Arts and Business. Rainbow address the systemic scourge of unemployment, violence, socio-economic discrepancies and lack of access to education and employment for youth of colour, in post -Apartheid South Africa, 1994.

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